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Bob James - Lead Trader

Over 10 years of experience trading currencies

1000pip Builder is a leading Forex signal service developed by the vastly experienced Forex trader, Bob James. With over 10 years experience, Bob is a highly capable currency trader. He worked at one of London's leading financial services institutions and now focuses on trading his own account from the relaxation of his own home.

Bob would now like to help less experienced traders get a head start in Forex trading by providing reliable Forex signals based on the trades taken on his own trading account. This is a rare chance to follow an accomplished currency trader, learn from their insights and follow their trades in real time.

To be successful at Forex trading it is critical to understand what is happening 'behind the charts' and what are the key drivers of price movement. Bob's has years of experience performing complex technical and fundamental analysis on the currency markets. This gives him an unparalleled insight into the forces developing in the currency markets. He uses these insights to determine the optimum entry point for trades.

Bob aims to focus on high probability opportunities. One of the key principles of his primary trading strategy is to only trade with the long term trend. This style of trading intends to increase the chance of a successful trade and maximise outcomes.

1000pip Builder has been created to help Forex traders like you succeed at Forex. Bob is dedicated to your development as a Forex trader and will use his knowledge and experience to help you be the best trader you can be.

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Forex signals explained - how trading signals can help you

Follow the trades of an experienced trader

Whether you are a beginner or a struggling trader, day trading signals could be the perfect way to accelerate your trading.

Many people find it extremely difficult to make a profit through Forex trading. They can spend years struggling, hoping that one day they will make a profit. Unfortunately, without the right education and experience becoming a successful trader is an almost impossible task. 1000 pip Builder is here to change that. We want to give you the opportunity to follow the trades of a highly skilled trader and benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Our lead Forex trader, Bob James will analyse the Forex markets every day looking for the most lucrative trading opportunities. Whenever he takes a trade on his own trading account you will automatically be sent through the Telegram app, email, and SMS^ with all the trade details; entry price, stop loss and take profit - You will have all information needed to accurately follow the our trades.

By joining 1000pip Builder, you will be given the chance to follow in the footsteps of an accomplished Forex trader and see for yourself how an expert trader prospers from the markets.

Round the clock trading signals

Intraday signals 24/5

The best Forex opportunities can be at any time of day. To maximise the probability of getting the best trades, we study the markets across all trading sessions. No matter what time zone you are in, there should be plenty of trading signals for you to follow. There are usually multiple signals per day so even if you can only follow for a few hours a day there should still be plenty of Forex signals.

Four simple steps to transform your trading
Take the path to trading success

Learn about our trading signals

  • We provide all the information you need
  • Easy to understand instructions

Once you become a member of 1000pip Builder, you will receive an information pack that will teach you all about our day trading signals and how to follow them. We take you through everything step by step and show you how easy it is to follow the signals.

Follow our intraday signals

  • Receive Forex signals all day every day
  • Simple instructions with take profit and stop loss

Our lead trader, Bob James will be evaluating price movement throughout the day, searching for high probability trades. As soon as a trade is entered on his trading account, Bob will send you Forex signals by Telegram app, e-mail, and SMS^. You will get full details of the trade; including take profit and stop loss levels.

Help and assistance if you need it

  • Contact us any time with any questions
  • We are here to support you

We want to help you get the most that you can out of Forex trading. In order to do that we will be available to answer any questions that you may have and support you on your Forex journey. We really care about your development.

Benefit from expert trading signals

  • Quality Forex signals to boost your trading
  • Get on the fast track to success

Becoming a member of 1000pip Builder is the first step in achieving your Forex goals. You will be able to follow every trade taken by a skilled Forex trader. This is a unique opportunity to get a head start in Forex and take your trading to the next level.

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High performance

Impressive long term test results

Our focus is on achieving impressive long term results that steadily grow our account year on year. To accomplish that we use three different trading strategies that are designed for the three major market conditions; trending, reversals, ranging. The trading strategies that we use have had very impressive results over the years.

Risk management is a critical aspect of Forex trading and 1000pip Builder take it very seriously. We always ensure that each trade uses a close stop loss and monitor our open trades carefully.

Reliable results independently verified

Checked by MyFXBook

Independent monitoring of our trades

We are confident in the performance of our trading signals and can prove our performance through our MyFXBook trading chart. MyFXBook are an independent organisation that have verified our trades and tracked the results. Please check the chart to see how our trades have recently preformed. Before joining any day trading signals provider you should make sure that they can prove their results.

Follow trading signals anywhere

Signals are sent
by Telegram app, SMS^, and email

Following our accurate Forex Signals is
easy with real time notifications by
Telegram app, email, and SMS^

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Beginners welcome

Our Forex signals are design to be as easy as possible to follow. If you are a beginner to Forex then you are in the right place. We will explain how everything works and if you need any additional information then we will be happy to help. Many of our members join us as relatively inexperienced traders and we help guide them to the right path. Our Forex signals could really help fast track your progress from beginner to confident trader.

Trading Strategies for all market conditions

Trend Capture

The main trading strategy we use aims to concentrate trades in the same direction as the long term trend. We use fundamental and technical analysis to identify the long term trend and then wait for specific short-medium term price movements before entering a trade. The trigger point for our trade is identified by combining chart patterns, support and resistance, and short period momentum. Only when there is sufficient indications from all factors that a trade could be successful do we enter a trade.

Range Trap

It is common for Forex prices to range for extended periods of time. Some traders avoid trading in these conditions but by identifying the right turning points it can be possible to make additional profits. Once a medium term range has been identified we then focus on short term reversal patterns at the range maxima. When there is a clear signal from the market we enter a trade.

Momentum Rider

Forex pairs can sometimes enter a period of very strong trending price movement. This can present a very good opportunity for profit but can be difficult to capture in a live market. Our trading strategy aims to follow this price movement from an early stage and then exit before the price movement reverses. Trade entries are based on identifying specific short term price fluctuations and comparing these with the longer term price flow.

Winning examples

The complete Forex signals package...

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  • Reliable results

    We aim for high performance Forex signals every day of the year

  • Expert market analysis

    With over 10 years experience our lead trader is an expert is market analysis

  • Full support

    If you need assistance, we will be happy to help.

  • Receive Forex signals anywhere

    FX signals are sent by Telegram app, email, and SMS^ allowing you to easily follow all signals

  • Trading signals by Telegram app, emails and SMS^

    Follow our day trading signals on the go

    We make it easy for you to follow our currency trading signals. We will send you signals by Telegam app, email, and SMS^ straight to your device.

See how we have helped our members succeed

A unique opportunity

By joining 1000pip Builder you will be starting a new stage in your Forex trading journey. Rather than struggling to trade on your own, you will now be able to see how a highly experienced trader trades the currency markets. You can follow every trade taken by Bob James and benefit from his thorough analysis of the markets. Each trade tip will contain all the information you need; entry price, take profit, stop loss etc. Most importantly Bob will be there to support you on your trading journey and help you take the right steps to being a successful Forex trader.

Key benefits

Comprehensive trading support
  • Leading market analysis

    You will receive expert Forex trading signals based on rigorous market analysis

  • 5 star rated Forex Signals

    Independent FX experts and happy members have given our Forex signals the highest ratings and strongly recommend our service.

  • The best results

    The strategy we use has been consistent and produced excellent results. All signals are based on in-depth market analysis.

  • Full, personal support

    We want you to succeed. If you need any help or have any questions, we will be happy to help.

  • Forex signals straight to your phone

    We send FX trading signals by Telegram app, email, and SMS^ for your convenience

  • Join the team

    By joining 1000pip Builder you will be taking your next step to becoming a successful Forex trader

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